Since the 90s, we have been dealing with professional dog breeding

Our training and breeding center is located in the southern part of Poland not far from cities such as Wroclaw and Krakow. Since the 90s, we have been dealing with professional dog breeding based on the best European lines, creating excellent dogs for work in k9 units. Every year, from 100 to 300 dogs are sent to the whole world supplying the best military, police and border units in the world. From the very beginning, we set ourselves the goal of genetics and not training. Our dogs from birth show all predispositions to work as dual purpose dogs.

Our dogs is guarantee of extreme hunt drive; independence and are not easily distracted

Our K-9 dogs are selected art by our experts from the entire population, sometimes counting up to 1000 pieces. Only dogs with exceptional motor skills, energy, dogs that are not easily dispersed with a strong psychic who are able to work independently, reach our main training unit. World competition does not allow us to stay in place and for the main purpose we have chosen the recipient's satisfaction not only in the first days but throughout the entire period of work with the dog, and the guarantee is appropriate genetics, not artificially learned behaviors that may disappear over time.

Selected dogs are socialized, but also put in a variety of situations and sceneries, their surroundings are often changed so that when they arrive at the client they are not blocked in any way.

If you are seeking a working dog, professionally trained, selected and ready for work look no further.