EDD (Explossive Detector Dog)

a strong visible and psychological impediment to criminal and terrorist threats. EDD teams are a highly effective remedy available for explosives detection. The EDD teams, each comprised of a dog and a handler, conduct searches for a variety of explosive materials near building exteriors, isolated areas, security checkpoints, vehicles, packages, and pedestrians in and around appointed facilities. Explosive Detector Dogs are widely known as bomb dogs or bomb sniffing dogs.

Drug detection dog teams

also known as drug dogs or drug sniffing dogs. The usage of actual narcotics in conducting realistic on-site training, facilitates the ability to conduct proficiency and reinforcement training under actual operational conditions. These trainings may take place at any client’s duty location and at any time. Drug dog teams are able to find even trace amounts of fully hidden narcotics or narcotic residue. Illicit drugs used during the training process include:
- Heroine
- Cocaine
- Marijuana
- Methamphetamines, and chemical derivatives.

Drug detection K9 teams are usually used by law enforcement officials to search buildings, vehicles, cargo, luggage and any other location which is suspected of containing any illegal substances.

A Special Purpose Dog

it is a working dog that has been trained to detect specific items.
The categories that the dogs are trained for include:
- Cell Phones
- Currency
- Weapons
- Illicit Contraband
- Cargo
- Bed Bugs
- Mold.

Dogs are widely used as an aid in contraband detection in the industry. Through intense training, highly-trained dogs are able to add an additional level of support for all of the clients’ facility needs. Contraband detection dogs can detect and alert the handler when there are any illegal substances or objects, including drugs and cell phones. It allows the facility security staff to maintain a peaceful environment. Depending on the type of contraband, a highly-trained detection dog is an effective tool for illegal activity in prisons and correctional facilities as well.

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