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K9 are widely used in the protection of federal facilities, personnel, and assets. There are programs which provide management solutions to support government agencies and multinational corporations in high risk.

The advanced capabilities of K9 Explosives, Drug and Narcotics, and Human Remains Detection Dog Teams are a proactive and extensive security strategy. Working Dog Teams are composed of skillfully trained K9s and K9 Handlers specializing in detection. They are fully experienced in the high-threat environments.

K-9 Teams are widely used in searches of cargo, vehicles, deliveries, buildings, open areas, and other suspicious settings in order to prevent and detect unlawful activities. Providing a strong, visible K-9 presence is highly effective in deterring criminal and terrorist threats. If troubles do show up, the use of Contract Working Dog Teams is proven to be an accurate and effective detection resource.

If you are seeking a working dog, professionally trained, selected and ready for work look no further.