Events and Venues

K9 maximize the security and minimize risk of potential clients. The working dog teams usually quickly and accurately conduct explosive detection searches throughout the venue, the surrounding perimeter, and all equipment or cargo in the area.

During the event, the bomb dogs and K9 handlers provide explosive detection, active patrol, and strategic security points. As the event finishes, the canines strengthen security measures and crowd control, facilitating a stable transition and an instant success.

Public Transportation

K9 are widely used in security services for public transportation that comply with all state, local, country and international laws. The usual procedure is creating a proper transportation security programs that are highly cost-effective and have minimal impact on existing transportation business practices. K9 training should be provided if necessary.


Implementing the all-inclusive and effective K9 security solutions, at the most competitive price, is one the wisest decisions an organization can make. Most canine companies pair exemplary dogs from proven European working dog bloodlines with experienced K9 handlers that have a background in either the military or law implementation.

That is done to ensure the most highly-skilled and professional working dog teams available. The addition of K9 detection and dual-purpose patrol services to company’s existing security program provides the advantage to boost the protection.

Along with being specially trained to detect contraband and explosives, the bomb dog teams serve as a physical deterrent, which significantly diminishes risks associated with terrorist threats and crime. Because these dogs are trained using live aids, not pseudo-scents, they can locate smaller quantities of contraband, explosives, and narcotics.

Non-Government Organizations

Canines are specialized in detection and have been extremely successful as a priceless support for Non-Government Organizations, locating countless explosive devices and explosive materials. Detection teams with dogs have been priceless in combating drug trafficking, as well as providing a critical service to natural disaster response team.

Not only K9 have the ability to provide highly qualified bomb dogs but they also have necessary experience to ensure a secure environment. The operational infrastructure should include strategic international resources and proven logistical performance.

Because of these reasons, K9 companies are able to provide non-governmental organization clients the finest canine detection teams anywhere, at any time.

If you are seeking a working dog, professionally trained, selected and ready for work look no further.