Dual purpose

Each of the dual purpose dogs is a fully-trained working dog that is highly skilled in these areas: tracking; handler protection; off-leash obedience; article, area and building search; and criminal alarm. Please note that while dual purpose training, one should only make use of real drugs, not pseudo drug scents. This is absolutely crucial when K9 officers are to testify that their narcotics dog only responds to illegal substances.

Drug dogs are taught to detect heroin, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines. If a dog locates drugs, it will signal the discovery with a passive alert.

In the process of training drug dogs, one should never allow them physical contact with the drugs; they are trained specifically to detect the scent of the drugs only. The aim is to provide the most excellent K9 detection and security services through custom-tailored programs that meet the specific needs of the clients.


As it is in the case of the dual-purpose dogs for drug detection, each of the dogs is a highly-trained working dog skilled in areas such as: handler protection; tracking; article, area and building search; off-leash obedience; and criminal apprehension in addition to being bomb sniffing dogs.

Bomb dogs are taught with the use of real explosive materials; not simulated scents. Each dog learns how to detect the unique scent of different explosive materials. By the end of their training, a dog is able to detect about 15 different combinations of explosive materials. These dogs are trained to detect even trace samples or bulk samples of explosives.


Acquiring, handling and maintaining multiple K9 patrol dogs can be quite risky to the budget of smaller police departments or agencies. Acquiring one or two highly skilled dual purpose dogs can be helpful in case of manpower shortage. It happens more often in rural departments where officers have to work independently to cover large areas.

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